Hi! My name is Wogan. Among other things: I currently consult clients in the marketing, healthcare, and financial services domains on how to build and run better business systems - mainly by obtaining alignment between business and tech. I'm a PHP developer by trade, having written my first line of code in 2007, and progressed all the way to building and running a specialist Laravel web development shop (Amberstone) between 2020 and mid-2023. I run a few things on the side: * [Mastodon Africa](https://mastodon.africa) - aiming to be a stable, reliable, long-term instance serving the African continent. * [MetricEnergy](https://metricenergy.co.za) - a utilities billing platform * [Tip-Jar](https://tip-jar.co.za) - a simple online fundraising tool * [domo-php](https://github.com/woganmay/domo-php)- a PHP library for working with Domo.com's API You can get ahold of me by: * Sending a DM to <a rel="me" href="https://mastodon.africa/@wogan">@woga[email protected]</a> * Emailing me at [email protected]